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Competition Trailers is a manufacturer of custom specialty trailers. We manufacture trailers for display, sales, service, and many other applications
At Competition Trailers we take pride in being able to custom build to your specifications. We listen to each individual need and try to engineer the best possible trailer for a particular application.

Although our emphasis throughout the past years has been in the racing industry, we also manufacture trailers for various other needs. Examples of this would be several types of display and sales trailers such as for T-shirt/cap sales, silk flower displays, aviation displays, and other souvenir sales.

We also have built trailers for disaster relief, mobile medical facilities, mobile restrooms, training facilities, entertainment, hospitality needs, and full-size mobile living quarters. Our capabilities include engineering for stage areas, pop-up and slide-out expansions, and any other need that can be safely integrated within a trailer.

Competition Trailers racing customers include those from NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, IRL, CART, Motocross, Tractor Pull, and Dirt Late Model among others.

Our goal at Competition Trailers is to build the best, most reliable, most innovative trailers possible. At Competition Trailers we do our best to provide our customers with the service and convenience they need - and all of this at a reasonable price! At Competition Trailers we take pride in doing what we say, delivering trailers on time as promised, and treating all customers the same.
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